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What Linda has done for my horse over the last 2 years is amazing! I knew there had to be a better way. I knew that it is not logical for a 100 lb woman to man-handle a 900 lb horse into submission!!!!! I just didn't know how to do it. Linda taught me that stretching is the real key. My poor horse was so tied in knots! And now look at him!!!!!! Now he is light in my hand, truly "on the bit," balanced, working from the back to the front, his hind legs are reaching & his back is swinging! The equine chiropractor, who has worked with my horse for 5 years, can't say enough good about Linda & he hasn't even met her! He is amazed at the difference he has seen in my horse since I have been working with Linda.

The difference in me as a rider is amazing too. I am able to communicate with my horse with more finesse & precision. I am more balanced, less stiff & more correct in my use of the aids. I have more understanding of what correct dressage riding is all about.

I was so pleased with the progress that my horse & I made, & having so much fun, that I invested in a 2nd horse! My new horse is 5 years old & learning dressage correctly. After only 7 months, he's already demonstrating the performance that my older horse waited 15 years to start learning!


Linda Morales has been working with Dissa and I from the very beginning. Linda was Dissa’s handler and trainer from the very start. I bought Dissa as a four year old and one of the reasons why I bought her was because of how she was handled from birth up until her fourth year. Linda not only has a natural talent for starting young horses but also for knowing how to handle and bring along a young one before they are ever backed. When she starts a young horse, it is not only about breaking them for riding but for making sure they are a sound and solid horse all around. For an amateur rider, it is so important to receive a horse that has been taken care of the right way from the very being!

I am new to the Dressage world and to have continued training under Linda was a very natural progression. She not only has a talent for bringing along horses but also for working with and teaching a rider how to find a better position, correct any habits before they become ingrained and how and why a correction is made for your horse. She is also helpful in all aspects about the care of your horse and I continue to learn so much from her. When I am unable to ride or take a lesson she will give the training ride to Dissa. This has been so helpful because Dissa continues to progress in her training with or without me. Linda is a patient and disciplined trainer. Dissa and I would not be where we are today without her!!


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Midwest Horse Fair is coming up on April 15-17, 2016

We will be there with our FRIESIANS!!!

One spot available for full time training.


Beautiful 5 y.o. Friesian mare for sale! Lots of potential! Beautiful gaits! Will be very competitive in a dressage ring!

Karen on her cute little pony Rosie

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