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Horse Breaking

For more information,  you can call or text me at 262-581-7561, for rates please email at lindamorales@live.com.

I believe in breaking horses little later and slower. I like to make sure that the young horse is mature enough mentally and physically before getting on its back.

I start with short training sessions and over time I increase the length of the session.

I believe in rewarding a young horse a lot for a task well done or even for just trying. The horse naturally wants to please, so the encouragement and rewards will make the horse a lot more willing to learn and work.

First I start by teaching the horse to lunge in a halter and react correctly to voice commands. Then I introduce the bit and when the horse accepts it, I will get him used to the saddle. Soon after that I will introduce horse to side reins, starting with very light contact and increasing it very slowly, but never shortening it too much. I believe in keeping a young horse's top line long.

Once the horse is accepting a light contact in the mouth and has learned how to move away from a light tap of the whip off the ground, it should be ready to be ridden.

After I start riding a young horse, my priority is the stop and go buttons. Then comes the steering. My next step is teaching the horse to go forward, long and low, teaching it to stretch correctly. The following step is to start asking it to use its back and go on the bit but still with a long top line. Over time the top line will shorten as the horse learns to use his back, come from behind correctly and collect.

Every individual horse is different and learns at a different pace. One horse can be broke in a very short period of time, but for another it may take a while. It depends on horses personality, previous experiences (good or bad), and willingness to learn.

Horse Training

I will train horses of any age or breed. My expertise area is dressage, but I can also teach horses the basics of jumping.

Before I start working with a horse, I start with getting the information from horse owner, including the horses bad habits, where the horse is at with his training, has the horse been shown, at what level, and what are the owners goals. In the first training session I ride the horse and let the owner know where I think the horse is at in his training and what the horse needs to work on.

Then, together we figure out what goals we are trying to accomplish and the training begins…

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Midwest Horse Fair is coming up on April 15-17, 2016

We will be there with our FRIESIANS!!!

One spot available for full time training.


Beautiful 5 y.o. Friesian mare for sale! Lots of potential! Beautiful gaits! Will be very competitive in a dressage ring!

Karen on her cute little pony Rosie

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