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Riding Lessons

I offer Dressage lessons five days a week. I start with private lessons and when students are ready I will also do group lessons. I take students of all ages and skill levels, beginner to advanced. Lesson horses and equipment are available if needed.

To schedule your riding lesson(s), you can call or text me at 262-581-7561, for more information and rates, please email at lindamoralesgf@gmail.com.

Lesson horses available!


Julie and Dissa


During the lessons I'll teach you to ride safely, using correct techniques. I will teach you how to get the horse to respond correctly to the aids. Our goal each lesson will be to further your knowledge, and to better your tecniques, aiming to get you and the horse to be the best you can be.

For beginner students, I will teach you how to: bring the horse in from the pasture, lead, groom, tack up, lunge, bathe, ride and put the horse away. I will also teach you how to properly care for tack (bridle, halter, saddle). I take students of all ages. My youngest student right now is 4 years old.

When giving lessons, first I look for weaknesses in the horse and the rider. I work on rider first since a better rider = a better and happier horse. Then, once the rider is ready, we start working on the horse. I never forget that both the horse and the rider are generally crooked and stiff and both need to work on being straighter and softer.

I believe that the more you ride, and the more you practice, the better and more conscious rider you will be. In my opinion, it is important to also practice on your own - riding and practicing outside the lesson is very beneficial because you can work on things you have learned in the lesson and practice to do them by yourself.

Before you start

  1. Rider's Liability Form - This form will need to be signed by you or your legal guardian (if minor/under 18) before starting your first lesson.
  2. Horse/Equipment Lease - Each facility might have different fees and availability of horses and equipment to lease for your lessons. You'll need to check with the trainer to arrange equipment/horse to be used for your lessons.
  3. Dress Code - You will need proper riding boots and safety helmet(mandatory).
  4. No-Show - Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior your scheduled lesson. If you do not cancel at that time, and do not show up for your lesson, you'll be charged an extra $30 before starting your next lesson.

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Midwest Horse Fair is coming up on April 15-17, 2016

We will be there with our FRIESIANS!!!

One spot available for full time training.


Beautiful 5 y.o. Friesian mare for sale! Lots of potential! Beautiful gaits! Will be very competitive in a dressage ring!

Karen on her cute little pony Rosie

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